Welcome to LiTec!

You will find the largest school of the Federal Province Upper Austria in Linz, situated on the river Danube. In this secondary vocational college our students are taught technical subjects as well as subjects of general education. Their lessons take place in classrooms, in workshops and in laboratories. Having graduated the college the students are appreciated engineers in business or they go on to study at university.

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Branches of studies which are available: 

- Mechanical engineering

  • Development of all kinds of machinery

- Electrical engineering

  • Energy Technology
  • Automation Technology
  • Industrial Electronics

- Electronics (3 years)

  • Industrial Electronics 
  • Energy Technology

- Information Technology

  • Software engineering
  • Network Technology
  • System Technology
  • Information Systems
  • Media and Webdesign

- Mechatronics 

  • Mechatronics is a combination of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.  

Education system :

The whole course takes five years , which you have to complete. After the five years you have to graduate in this school to get the "Matura". There is also a four-year-course in Electronics and  Mechanical engineering which offers a technical education without "Matura".

Entry requirements:

Successful completion of eight years  of obligatory education. Certificates from the 8th year.

Educational Objectives:

The LiTec provides you with an excellent education , which helps you to successfully start a carreer in modern business. When you have worked 3 years in business , you will get the title "Engineer".

Night School at LiTec (Education for adults)

LiTec is the number 1 choice in education for engineers in the studies:

  •          Mechanical Engineering
  •          Electrical Engineering
  •          Electronics
  •          Industrial Engineering

The education will be completed with the graduate and diploma. This equals a graduation with additional secondary professional training.

Quick Overview

  •          part-time preparation course in 2 to 4 semesters
  •          part-time advanced course in 6 semesters
  •          modular organization of teaching
  •          lessons in theoretical and practical training designed for the needs of
         the industry and business world
  •          general education until graduation
  •          technical bases and technical specification
  •          company audit

Teaching times

Mondays to Thursdays at 5:25 pm
Fridays at 4:40 pm
Lessons end at the latest at 9:40 pm



Office   E-mail to the office
            0732 – 77 03 01 – 212 or 213

Head of Department for Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Michael Starzer              E-mail to Michael Starzer

Head of Department for Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering

Christian Hinterreiter     E-mail to Christian Hinterreiter